About Us

Our clinic derives its name from a Dutch word HERSTEL that means the act or process of recovering/ improvement in health after illness. With this motto of providing post ailment assistance in our minds the “Herstel Care Clinic” was established in 2021.

We are thankful to God that our team could extend services to our valued clients in their needs during that crucial period of Covid-19 pandemonium.

We at Herstel Care Clinic aim to progressively develop Care @Home with the help of Artificial Intelligence, a revolution in the field of medical science.

We aim to provide:

• Post-hospitalisation Care @Home facilities under trained Paramedics and Care-givers.

• Critical Care @Home with all necessary medical/nursing infrastructure @ affordable cost.

• Digital/Virtual Polyclinic services.

• Doctors’ services @Home.

• Diagnostic Services @Home.

Our Vision:
To reach and be a part of each household in it’s hours of need and try to bring back SMILE to every ailing face.